52 Weeks Of Ann's Life

Ann's Photo Challenge



Once again I went down to my trusty spot at the jetty to check out the waves. They were pretty high, and made a marvelous show of hitting the rocks. Of course I wasn’t satisfied with taking a shot from the parking lot. I decided to get a closer look and proceeded to climb along the rocks toward the middle of the pile. Often times we see children doing this, I was amused by the looks of the people sitting in their cars watching me as I clambered around to try to get a decent foothold and get a nice shot. Just as I felt like I had gone far enough, and found a steady rock on which to situate myself, a wave hit. My reflexes were just quick enough to get the shot – unfortunately these same reflexes were not quick enough to save me from a soaking. Desperately I held the camera over my head to save it and took a final photo. That is the one I have attached. The amusement left my face, and was quickly transferred to those sitting by watching my adventure.


2 thoughts on “Splash!

  1. You made a lot of people very happy!! including us who get to see the shot from a nice dry spot! good for you!

  2. Isn’t it amazing what photographers do to get that one shot of the day?

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