52 Weeks Of Ann's Life

Ann's Photo Challenge

A6. Animals At Play


mom & babydolphin
Labor Day weekend was full of surprises! I ended up travelling down to Captiva Island and staying with one of my absolute favorite people and her husband at South Seas Resort. The trip was relatively unplanned, and just pretty much fell in our laps. While there, we spent time along the waters edge (both the shore and in the marina) trying to coerce fish into thinking that the bait on the end of our hooks was just what they ordered for lunch. Unfortunately, they loved the bait, but were not interested in the hooks (can hardly blame them.) After I decided to quit feeding the fish, I went for a walk along the marina to enjoy the view. To my surprise, a family of dolphin appeared. These are the shots I was able to get of them. Wild animals do not appear to understand direction by a photographer! One is of the male, who had come to the edge and was splashing and rolling around in the shallow clear water. I was lucky enough to catch mom and baby swim by as they watched the male be silly. I went fishing….but didn’t catch a fish – caught something much better.


2 thoughts on “A6. Animals At Play

  1. What a golden opportunity. The unexpected ones are always the best. Great capture.

  2. When I reflect back on the best times of my life, that weekend will be on the short list. It was wonderful to be spending quality time with my wonderful husband and you, my very favorite soul-sister… in my personal Webster’s dictionary under Blessing … is your name…

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