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13. Hearts

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13. HeartsSeveral weeks ago I drove my daughter to the airport to send her off to her last year at the University of Virginia. Now you’d think that I would be used to saying goodbye, with all of her world travels and constant hopping on planes – but, I am not. Every moment with her has become a little gem to me because of their becoming more and more rare. I have a tendency to try to hoard each one as if it was priceless. While in the airport gift shop, (Of course we went into the gift shop, you never know what you will find!), I spied these little key chains that were full of sparkle. They represent the moment for me in such a perfect fashion; they are hearts which are a symbol of love and they glittered like jewels – rare little precious moments, when love shines and tears glisten.


One thought on “13. Hearts

  1. love airport shops! – nice job. Know how you feel:( – cant believe she’s in her LAST year!

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