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8. Distortion

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8. Distortion

When will I learn? It happened again. I have to just let go and accept what the universe may send my way.

One of the many things this challenge has done for me is encourage me to get out and take advantage of my beautiful surroundings. I decided to drive to the South Jetty near my home during a rainstorm to see what may come my way as far as an opportunity for a photo. While sitting in the car trying to get a nice shot of the rain on the rocks and beach, a red car drove up and parked next to me – in an empty parking lot, mind you, because it was raining after all – and pulled right into the line of site of the camera. Of course, the car had to be red – not exactly something that would blend in and not be so obvious. I tried to take a shot that the car wouldn’t mar the view. And finally after many many attempts, I thought I had accomplished my goal and was able to get the rainy day scene that I was going for. And then it happened….Yet again, when I got home and reviewed my work, I noticed that even though the actual vehicle was not in the shot – I could still see bits of red. It was then that I realized that the car was reflected in the drops of water on the glass. If you zoom in and look closely, you can actually see a distorted car in some of the drops. What I ended up with ended up pleasing me so much more, than if I had just gone along with my plan. Life is so much more interesting when you are able to appreciate its little surprises!


One thought on “8. Distortion

  1. Being open minded is full of surprises! Someone else may not have been able to see anything other than what they went there to photograph. 🙂

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