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42. Standing Out From the Crowd


42. Standing Out From the Crowd

This challenge has really been fun! The joy of constantly looking at the world in a new way – opportunities for discovery around every corner! The thrill of seeing something and realizing it could fit a theme is just pure fun. This sense of excitement came to me during the most mundane times while packing my office at work. We are moving next month and the prep work as been overwhelming. There has been much culling going on while we try to prepare to move into a facility half the size of our current space. While throwing things away we are also looking for things to save so items like binders and folders are being put in boxes to take to the new site. When dumping several binder clips into a collection box I noticed a lone bright yellow clip swimming in a sea of shiny black ones. It immediately hit me that I had to take a photo. The staff thought I’d lost my mind as I stood there with my phone, snapping pictures of a box of binder clips…isn’t it awesome? To find a little treasure in the most unlikely of places. A box of discarded binder clips.


5 thoughts on “42. Standing Out From the Crowd

  1. I can see you are going to be one of my favorite blogs to follow – I can hear you talking – I LOVE this shot – this is really what its about – all those little ah ha moments when you realize you are seeing a “theme” !! –

    • Thanks so much Patricia! It is really quite funny, I was worried that I would get all stressed out during the challenge trying to make time to take photos….when in reality I am impatient for each week to come! I have a few shots ready in the queue, and I am continually on “the lookout” for even better options. So fun and so rewarding! Hugs to you!

  2. I’m building that queue, too, so I appreciate how you’re feeling! The question is, did you set that clip aside to use in a special place? Do you separate paper clips? This photo may be revealing! Great example!

    • Haha Marie actually no, this was at work and I was happily dumping regular old black binder clips in a box because we are moving and cleaning out things. Something made me look in the box and lo and behold, there was the lone yello clip shining in the midst of all that black. But not to worry! You will no doubt have plenty of opportunity to decide what my choices reveal as the year goes by!

  3. And like the beautiful yellow binder clip, you too are a treasure. Enjoyed your blog – thanks for sharing!

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