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Ann's Photo Challenge

8. Distortion

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8. Distortion

When will I learn? It happened again. I have to just let go and accept what the universe may send my way.

One of the many things this challenge has done for me is encourage me to get out and take advantage of my beautiful surroundings. I decided to drive to the South Jetty near my home during a rainstorm to see what may come my way as far as an opportunity for a photo. While sitting in the car trying to get a nice shot of the rain on the rocks and beach, a red car drove up and parked next to me – in an empty parking lot, mind you, because it was raining after all – and pulled right into the line of site of the camera. Of course, the car had to be red – not exactly something that would blend in and not be so obvious. I tried to take a shot that the car wouldn’t mar the view. And finally after many many attempts, I thought I had accomplished my goal and was able to get the rainy day scene that I was going for. And then it happened….Yet again, when I got home and reviewed my work, I noticed that even though the actual vehicle was not in the shot – I could still see bits of red. It was then that I realized that the car was reflected in the drops of water on the glass. If you zoom in and look closely, you can actually see a distorted car in some of the drops. What I ended up with ended up pleasing me so much more, than if I had just gone along with my plan. Life is so much more interesting when you are able to appreciate its little surprises!


42. Standing Out From the Crowd


42. Standing Out From the Crowd

This challenge has really been fun! The joy of constantly looking at the world in a new way – opportunities for discovery around every corner! The thrill of seeing something and realizing it could fit a theme is just pure fun. This sense of excitement came to me during the most mundane times while packing my office at work. We are moving next month and the prep work as been overwhelming. There has been much culling going on while we try to prepare to move into a facility half the size of our current space. While throwing things away we are also looking for things to save so items like binders and folders are being put in boxes to take to the new site. When dumping several binder clips into a collection box I noticed a lone bright yellow clip swimming in a sea of shiny black ones. It immediately hit me that I had to take a photo. The staff thought I’d lost my mind as I stood there with my phone, snapping pictures of a box of binder clips…isn’t it awesome? To find a little treasure in the most unlikely of places. A box of discarded binder clips.


A5 Silhouettes

My plan was to get a photo of the silhouette of a boat that was slowly making its way toward me. As I was waiting for what seemed like forever for the sailboat to inch its way into the reflecting sun, a man who had been quietly sitting near me for an hour suddenly got up and started walking into the sea in front of me. Frantically I started clicking photos trying to catch the boat before he came into the shot. The sun was glaring in my eyes and I couldn’t quite see what I was taking a picture of, but the entire time I cussed him under my breath for ruining the shot that I had waited so long to take. When I got home and reviewed all of the photos, it was the one with the man in it that I liked the most! I laughed at myself for getting so stressed and took back all of the rude things I thought about the guy while I was hurriedly taking the pictures.image

14. Here’s Your Sign


14. Here's Your Sign

I have always considered myself a very accommodating, welcoming and friendly-type individual. That is why it is so ironic that after I sold my house and found a little home to call my own the signs in the photo greet anyone that comes to visit. I chuckle quite often about how un-welcoming the signs are considering my personality. But I have come to appreciate them, for their crusty, weathered and crabby appearance. I am single, on my own – private…that part fits me right now….lets hope that the Dead End sign only refers to the road and not the lives of those lucky people that have the pleasure of living on this dusty, crabby, interesting little lane.